A cooperative owned by 40 Granot agricultural settlements, Granot Avocado Ltd, is a primary source for Israeli avocados, Granot Avocado Ltd. packs 25% of the country's avocado production. The company advises farmers on the latest developments, growing techniques and packaging procedures. Operating one of Israel's largest and most sophisticated packing houses, Granot Avocado Ltd. packs up to 200 tons of fruit per day, handling a subtropical crop grown on 14,000 orchard dunams.

Organically Grown Avocados

As consumers around the world become more conscious of health and environmental protection, growers must follow suit by supplying organically grown produce. Granot Avocado Ltd. is proud of the fact that 60% of Israel's organically grown avocado exported to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and other countries around the globe, comes from Kibbutzim belonging to and packed by Granot.